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Letoonia Resorts Family Concept Press Bulletin

Choice of Distinguished Families in 2021 Club & Hotel Letoonia.

Club & Hotel Letoonia, which is located in the most special peninsula of the world in Fethiye, always stands out in the summer season of 2021 as the choice of refined families.

Club & Hotel Letoonia, one of the few hotel loyalty brands with the highest customer loyalty, continues to serve in the Ultra All Inclusive concept for the 2021 season, for families where both parents and children can spend their holidays freely.

For families with children, Club & Hotel Letoonia offers free baby beds, baby chairs, Mini Club playground, Mini Club children's pool, pool with slides, children's animation and Mini Disco; Babysitter and game centre services are also provided for a fee.

In addition, two of the three different outdoor pools exclusive to Club & Hotel Letoonia have children's sections, four different water slides pouring into the sea; Restaurants also have a children's menu.

In addition, families staying at Club & Hotel Letoonia can enjoy Aerobics, Gymnastics, Step, Stretching, Yoga, Basketball, Boxing, Tae Bo, Mini Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Outdoor Chess, Darts, Boccia, Water Gymnastics, Water Slides, Water Polo, Sea Bicycling, Canoeing, Tennis Courts, Mini Golf, Archery, Table Tennis, Fitness Center. There are also Spectacular Staged Shows in the theatre every night. Motorized Water Sports, Diving Lessons, Boat Tours and use of Tennis Courts at night, Private Tennis Lessons are also all available and carry a charge.

About Club & Hotel Letoonia

Club & Hotel Letoonia, named after the ancient city of Letoon near Fethiye, opened its first resort in 1989, established on a 165,000 m2 peninsula located in the Paçar%u0131z Cape Region in Fethiye. Letoonia Resort heralded a new era in Turkish tourism, being one of the first 5 star hotels and resorts to offer the All Inclusive Concept, in Fethiye, a region with uniquely special natural beauty features. The resort later changed its name to Club & Hotel Letoonia Fethiye.

Today Club & Hotel Letoonia continues to be paramount of Turkish tourism, with facilities of premium service quality situated in Fethiye. It is the preferred Resort brand of choice for the Turkish, British, German, Russian and CIS markets.